by Hungry Holograms

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This album is a premiere release from Hungry Holograms and represents a stage of experimentation and growth. The album is available in physical format at Please Please Please check out my label mates!!!!!

Prismatic is an effort to find something real in an increasingly synthetic world. The majority of the record was made in seclusion on top of Monte Carmelo in the same house that Hedwig and the Angry Inch was conceived.


released November 25, 2015

All songs composed, recorded, and produced by Daniel Maruniak in Vieques Puerto Rico with the exception of Ancient Ivory, Iron Bell, which was recorded in San Juan PR.
Image-Line Studios FL 11 was the DAW.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Living In A Holographic Universe
In my dreams, your telepathic scream has ripped me at the seams, and time and space have long forgotten
The breeze, that's blowing through the trees holds our lives mysteries, though some would rather run than solve them
no! we cannot define, no we can not relate to you how to feel something that's not real
Our holographic dreams are reaching new alignment
when we come together we can always find it.
Do you think that all these things you feel are even there?

Letting go of my prismatic care
Life's so beautiful when you are laying there
Looking deep into your spectral gaze
In your Universe I must get lost for days

Time was moving slow but now it's fast
In our lifetime we must try to make it last

Living in a holographic Universe
god is always living inside all of us

living in a holographic universe
god is always living inside all of us
Track Name: Ancient Ivory, Iron Bell
I've got an itch I've been meaning to scratch
I've got a hex that's designed to be cast
Ancient Ivory, Iron Bell upon this world in which Lucifer fell
In my dark dreams it's you I keep
boiling dungeons where my demons do sleep
rusted shackle shall not confine
perception divina in all due time

I've been wearing grey to flaunt my storm
the depths of my heart left almost forlorn
Ancient Ivory, Iron Bell
upon this world where Lucifer fell

Wilt thou surmise all these ancient ways
tail of serpent to connect to it's face
venemous source of beginnings end
trail behind me for I no longer pretend
Track Name: Holographic Principle
Track Name: Saturn Dream
When we were much younger floating out in the stars
I called you my lover
Used to be so simple, underneath the sun
Now those days have gone and fled from us...

Can you recall a time, when I was the one who laughed with you in the tide you told me, "I want every lifetime, filled with that, the joy that you give me, otherwise why would I stay here?" I know it's gonna change, how can I just let you go, without you, how can I laugh in the rain?
It seems that Saturn's rings have formed a limitation, All of the hopes,
I'd had
To find you once more, on those magical shores
I can't keep pretending
to see your pretty face in all of love's design
all things come to an end
And now I never see your face though you're right here
Track Name: Heartbeat Is Life
My soul is always searching
Always new life emerging
Time Time Time Time
So fragile, So defined
I can't refine these patterns in my mind
call my name, make me smile
comfort lost and comfort found

Take this world full of light
Making love, Souls in flight

Heartbeat is life, life has heartbeat

My soul is always searching
Always new life emerging
Always new life emerging
My soul is always searching
Track Name: Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri

This is my home
Track Name: Field of Dreams
The wave of cosmic time
The sea it bleeds like me
The right to be
The war on us
The poverty
I walk alone
In field of dreams
The song I wrote could never wait for me
The song I wrote would never wait for me
Track Name: Lust In the Fabric of Time
Time is sealing these doors in our heads
I can't feel the last thing that you said
Lost within this dream you know I can't hold on forever
Though sometimes it seems like we're gonna find the answer

Once in a city of blue, I burned it all for you
Under the palest of moons, I let it go for you
Lust in the fabric of time, is the effort of our design
here in the worst state of mind, how can you be divine?